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Jamie was interviewed by the Globe & Mail several times this year, here are a few excerpts from those articles.

We don't sell into a Down Market August 17, 2007
"The key message that has sunk in with clients, Mr. Kraemer said, is we don't sell into a down market [if you do] you're just locking into your losses"

They're not sexy, but they get the job done February 28, 2007 (about annuities)
"A lot of boomers are still living through the sticker shock of the earlier part of the [decade] when the markets went through significant decline and don't want to see there money go through that again"

Jamie recently instructed 3 Professional Development Courses for ICAM.

Jan 16, 2008 - Planning for a Successful Retirement
Jan 25, 2008 - Introduction to Life Insurance and Its Role in Financial Planning
Feb 6, 2008  - Advanced Planning Strategies Using Life Insurance

If you would like information on the content of these courses, please feel free to contact Jamie directly

Jeffrey and his family were featured in the Winnipeg Foundation Magazine. Click on the link below and turn to pages 12 and 13 to read the story.

Winnipeg Foundation Spotlight on Jeffrey and Family

ENSIS Growth Fund News

ENSIS Growth Fund has been advised that the Fund's manager, ENSIS Management Inc., will be acquired by GrowthWorks Manitoba Ltd effective in November 2007.  Jeffrey & Jamie feel that this is a positive development for a number of reasons including the network of investors with which GrowthWorks has developed significant relationships.  This network represents potential
co-investors and potential purchasers of exisiting investee companies. In addition, the greater size of GrowthWorks is likely to lead to cost savings that will translate into a lower MER.

Jamie appeared on the CJOB radio progam "Talk to the Experts" on Saturday February 18th, 2006, to discuss Financial Planning and other related issues. To see Jamie in his role as the CFP ambassador on behalf of the Financial Planners Standards Council, click the link below.

CJOB Radio Spot

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